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When it’s Time to Downsize It’s something all caregivers don’t want to think about, yet they […]
Healthy Vision Month July 2021 July is recognized as Healthy Vision Month! In elderly people, factors […]
Summer Safety Tips for Your Elderly LO Summer has officially begun! Getting your love one (LO) […]
What’s Causing Abnormal Behavior A change in your loved one’s behavior can certainly indicate early signs […]
Tracking the COVID Vaccine Process with VerifyCare With the COVID vaccine widely available, there are many […]
VerifyCare Blog Weather and Arthritis Pain
Weather and Arthritis Pain in Elderly May is recognized as Arthritis Awareness Month. You may already […]
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Caregiving with Siblings If your aging Care Recipient requires around-the-clock care, it can be a daunting […]
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Traveling with Elderly/Seniors Other than being uncomfortable for your loved one, long car rides when traveling […]