Manage multiple tasks and keep a record of your Care Recipients’ vitals and general wellbeing.

Med management

Stay on track of all your Care Recipients’ medication and supplement needs. 

Calendar & scheduling

Use the Calendar to help manage schedules of all those involved in your Care Recipients’ wellbeing.

Analyze Module
Chart & analyze Data

Chart and compare all your Care Recipients’ records of Tasks and Medication Management entries.

Track All Care Needs in One App

Are your aging parents living alone, with a family member, or in a long-term care facility? Whether you are directly caring for a loved one or would like to monitor care provided by others, the VerifyCare app is the assurance you deserve.

Take control over your care

Take control over your care

Customize and organize all your Care Recipients' records in one app. Track important details such as your Care Recipients' blood pressure or weight over time.

VerifyCare mobile app
The assurance you deserve

The assurance you deserve

Manage all aspects of care in one app. The VerifyCare app makes it easy to maintain prescriptions and supplements with reminders. Receive alerts when medications are missed.

Medication Management with VerifyCare
Simplify Care

Simplify Care

As a caregiver, you can create profiles for your Care Recipients and invite other care team members to assist you with providing care. Simplify care by coordinating with other Care Team members through messaging, calendar, notifications, and more!

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Linda S

What Users Say

"I find using this app is one of my best resources to keep everything easy and assessable in caring for my husband with BvFTD. It is helpful to me for getting through my days and very helpful when doctors ask questions about issues concerning my husband. The charts that are available when information is inputted in the app are an invaluable tool in reviewing the good and bad days we have."

- Linda S.

Lynelle J

What Users Say

"I love your app, I am using it to care for my brother-in-law who’s a disabled VET. I have several family members go into the Assisted Living to help care for him. Only thing I see I would like is that we could make the medications “active” but not on the Daily “Task”. The home does those, not us. I find the app handy to reference when I’m out of his meds, with doctors and such. Thank you for a user-friendly app"

- Lynelle J.

Jeremy W

What Users Say

"I just started a home health care business and the VerifyCare app provides everything that I need for my clients and the caregivers that work with me. From scheduling to payroll to having all the needed information about our clients right at our finger tips has made providing care for our clients the very top priority. I highly recommend this app for any providing care! There were a couple glitches in the beginning but they seemed to have worked themselves out! 5 stars and well worth it!"

- Jeremy W.

Harry S

What Users Say

"I’ve been using this for my care recipient for nearly two years. It is a phenomenal product with lots of detailed tools and settings. Our nurse really enjoys seeing a week of data in advance of her visit."

- Harry S.

Gretchen N

What Users Say

"This app is so helpful in managing my father’s healthcare. It is easy to use and keeps his medical history at our fingertips. And, they have great tech support for any glitches—prompt, courteous and efficient. "

- Gretchen N.

Jim R

What Users Say

"I find the VerifyCare app’s ability to track medication, time, mood and a combination of selected variables to be very helpful in making small care adjustments or larger care moves."

- Jim R.

Mikaela B

What Users Say

"Amazing app! We're a blended family with a disabled daughter, so it's extremely helpful that Stepmom, Dad, and Mom can all be on the same page at the same time."

- Mikaela B.

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The assurance you deserve

With a mobile app like VerifyCare, managing care has never been easier!

Get Started with the VerifyCare app today!

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