Traveling with Elderly/Seniors

Traveling with Elderly/Seniors

Other than being uncomfortable for your loved one, long car rides when traveling with elderly/seniors can pose other issues. If you are transporting someone who may not have very much control over their bowel movements, here are a few tips to help prepare your vehicle for a long commute, how to get rid of odors, and stains when traveling with seniors/elderly.

Preparing to Travel with Elderly/Seniors

  1. If your Care Recipient is comfortable with wearing undergarments to assist with accidents, this can be a safety net for your seats!
  2. A blanket or towel can provide extra seating support for long car rides and are an easily washable option in case of a bowel movement.
  3. Plastic mats are available for flooring and seat covers for extra fabric protection

Post-Car Ride

  1. Odor removers for pet accidents can prove to be just as effective for humans. Having a bottle handy in the car can help remove odors and stains before they settle!
  2. For leather seating, a mixture of water and vinegar can help alleviate lingering odors.
  3. Take dry coffee grounds and place them in an open container. Coffee grounds are a natural means to soak up odors in small spaces.

Tracking traveling with Elderly/Seniors in VerifyCare

Get a fresh start! Set up a Task reminder to change into fresh undergarments before you leave or to bring extras along for the trip.