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Home Care Planning Tool for Facilities

Use the VerifyCare web version to support your residents’ continuing care needs. With VerifyCare, you can develop a care plan designed to ensure the individual’s needs will be met after discharge from your facility into the community.

Home Care Planning Tool

Home Care Planning Tool

Use the VerifyCare web version in your facility to monitor your discharged residents' compliance with the developed home care plan. The resident's family can participate in the resident's care through the mobile app version of VerifyCare.

VerifyCare mobile app
Care Recipient Dashboard

Care Recipient Dashboard

From the web version "All Recipient" dashboard, the facility's staff can drill down to individual care recipients' dashboards. Care Recipients' status shows the severity level of each task or medication through color-coded circles. Red for high risk, Yellow for moderate risk, and Green for low risk of adverse conditions developing for the recipient. This severity indication, as suggested and set by the facility, will also appear on the care team's mobile app version of VerifyCare.

VerifyCare mobile app

Manage Medications

Discharged resident's medication regimen flows directly to the VerifyCare web version dashboard. Each med can have a risk rating: red for critical, yellow for caution, and green for monitoring. These factors can be managed through the web version and reported to the participating mobile app versions used by family members.

VerifyCare mobile app

Analyze your Resident's Records

Whether it's meds, tasks, or any documentation across time, all can be graphed to spot trends of compliance, and identify concerns before they escalate into more serious problems. With a touch of the screen, contact phone numbers are shown for efficient communication with the discharged resident's contacts.

VerifyCare mobile app
Analyze Comparison

Compare Various Entries

VerifyCare analysis system can compare multiple data points to observe possible cause and effect relations between charted elements of the care recipient's condition. There is no limit to the monitoring capability of the VerifyCare system to help prevent exacerbating the Care Recipient's situation.

VerifyCare mobile app

Identify Critical Factors

Non-compliance can be identified through tasks and meds that are not completed, outside of established parameters (boundaries), or that are skipped. This can be viewed through the facility's web version dashboard showing all recipients that are with a critical risk, a moderate (cautionary) risk, or a low (monitor) risk.

VerifyCare mobile app

Organize Documents

Share important facility documents related to their stay and discharge with the VerifyCare web version. Their documents will be shared with their assigned Care team. Like the web version, the app version used by the care team, can also upload medical documents so that monitoring can include documentation produced by outside provider visits.

VerifyCare mobile app

Coordinate Schedules

Coordinate home-bound schedules, appointments, in-home medical services, and special family events. They say "it takes a community", in the case of your discharged residents, it takes a team of family and friends for the needed assistance. Calendar events can be shared, communicated, and coordinated, thereby reducing stress and worry for everyone.

VerifyCare mobile app
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Simplify Caregiving

When a resident’s care is now managed outside a facility, use VerifyCare as a tool for your resident’s family to improve their home care.

Let’s Elevate Your Caregiving Journey Together!