How it works

Care Recipients & Care Teams

Register your account as a Care Team member and create your Care Recipient’s profile. Easily manage multiple Care Recipients and invite others to be a part of their Care Team.

Monitor Health & Wellbeing


Record your Care Recipient’s vitals and wellbeing with VerifyCare’s pre-setup tasks. Create custom tasks if there is a unique factor you would like to track and measure with flexible data types.

Medication Management

Manage medication and supplements with the Meds Module. Receive real-time alerts when medications are due and mark them as complete. 


Easily analyze all your Care Recipient’s records with detailed graphs. You can compare multiple items to see how they have affected one another over time.

Organize care around your Care Recipient

Keep care coordinated with VerifyCare’s Various Modules.


Organize your Care Recipient’s activities and appointments with other selected Care Team members through VerifyCare’s shareable calendar. 


Journals allow you or your Care Recipient to record information such as summary of activities, thoughts and feelings. Keep a log of noteworthy events for the entire Care Team to see.

Summary Report

Compile all your Care Recipient’s data and records by creating a summary report.

Event Pay

Easily calculate and record payments for your Care Team members.

Home Screen

View a summary of all calendar events, journal entries, tasks and medication due on a given day for the selected Care Recipient. Check in or out for a Care Recipient and quickly access modules from the Home Screen to enter data.


Easily upload and organize all the important documents you need for your Care Recipient. Your documents will always be at your fingertips with VerifyCare.


Keep a record of key information regarding your Care Recipient such as allergies, diagnosis, or other factors that may impact their general wellbeing.


Keep a list of you and your Care Recipient’s contacts within the app. Organize your contacts based on their category or role. Call or email directly from your VerifyCare app.

Bring Care Teams Together

VerifyCare brings members of a Care Team on the same page to ensure the highest quality of care is provided for your Care Recipients.

VerifyCare Account Manager

Manage your Care Recipients as well as your Care Team members with VerifyCare. Track your Care Team’s activities and monitor their wages as an account manager.

Care Team Messaging

Simplify care communication with Care Team messaging. Send internal messages to other Care Team members and receive alerts on your Care Recipient’s wellbeing all in your VerifyCare inbox.

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