As Seen on WMTV – Track All Care Needs in One App

Are your aging parents living alone, with a family member, or in a long-term care facility? Whether you are directly caring for a loved one or would like to monitor care provided by others, the VerifyCare app is the assurance you deserve.

With VerifyCare, enjoy peace of mind knowing the entire care team and extended family is informed and engaged with providing needed care.
-Create individualized tasks and activities and record real-time data such as vital signs, weight, and food intake.
-Administer medications, monitor their side effects, and get alerts for irregularities.

-Communicate schedules and appointments through VerifyCare’s calendar and internal messaging.
-Analyze data with detailed graphs, and even calculate wages for hired caregivers.

VerifyCare is comprehensive and customizable to the individual needs of your loved one. Start your free trial today and download VerifyCare at Google Play and the App Store!