What’s New in VerifyCare

Version 2021.11.16


  • In-App Tutorials: Learn how to utilize the app to its full potential with VerifyCare’s in-app tutorials and tips.

Version 2021.06.01


  • Analyze: “Missed” tasks or medications will now be displayed in orange in the Analyze module.

  • Ability to automatically create your profile as a Care Recipient in the registration process.

Previous Enhancements

  • My Calendar Module: The new My Calendar module allows you to view all calendar events you are involved in across all of your Care Recipients conveniently all in one place. 

  • Checklists Module: Create a list of items that you can mark as complete for each Care Recipient profile. 

  • Tasks: The “Daily Living” and “Other” task categories can now be assigned and charted “As Needed”.


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