What’s New in VerifyCare

Version 2021.06.01


  • Analyze: “Missed” tasks or medications will now be displayed in orange in the Analyze module.

  • Ability to automatically create your profile as a Care Recipient in the registration process.

Version 2021.04.14

New Module

My Calendar Module

The new My Calendar module allows you to view calendar events you are involved in across all of your Care Recipients conveniently in one place. 

To learn more, visit the  My Calendar Module Overview

Previous Enhancements

  • Checklists Module: Create a list of items that you can mark as complete for each Care Recipient profile. 

  • Tasks: The “Daily Living” and “Other” task categories can now be assigned and charted “As Needed”.

  • Care Recipient Profiles can now have multiple Care Team Members checked in. 


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