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Navigating the Task Screen

    At the top of the task screen, the orange date bar will display the current date.

    • To view tasks on a different date, use the arrow on the left to view the previous day and use the arrow on the right to view the following day.
    • To jump to a different day, tap the date bar. A pop-up will appear with a calendar display.
    • Tap the word “previous” to view the previous month or tap the word “next” to view the following month
    • Tap the year at the top of the pop-up to view an alternate year, select the desired year from the scrollable list, and tap “OK”
    • Tap “OK” at the bottom of the pop-up box once you have selected your desired date
    • Tap the white “T” on the date bar to jump back to the current date at any time

    Selecting the Schedule tab will display all of the scheduled tasks due on the selected day for the selected Care Recipient. In the scheduled section, the wheel displays the percentage of tasks that have been completed, skipped, or are incomplete. Completed tasks are represented in blue, skipped tasks are represented in orange, and incomplete tasks are represented in gray. Below the header you will find all of the assigned tasks displayed in chronological order of when the tasks are due. The tasks set to a “Flex” time will be displayed at the top, and the hour increment for the current time will default as expanded as these are  the items “Due Now.” The right side of each row indicates how many records are left outstanding for that time period, how many records are overdue during that time period, or indicates if all tasks due during that time period have been completed. Overdue Tasks are also indicated with an alert symbol on the Care Recipient’s icon as well as the Tasks icon on the main navigation bar.

    Selecting the As Needed tab will display all task categories, and allows you chart any task “as needed” or as single entry.  This area allows you to capture extra events as they occur but are not necessarily scheduled.