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How to create a Task

    1. Tap the pencil icon in the bottom right-hand corner
    2. Select the category of the task
    3. Select the type of task by tapping the chevron icon

      You may utilize the “Other” section to create fully customizable tasks. In the task setup screen, the top blue bar, will display the task icon, the title of the task, and the unit of measurement used for the task.

    4. Select the date to begin the task in the Start Date field
    5. If the task has a specific end date, select the desired date in the End Date field or utilize the ongoing option if there is no set end to the task
    6. Select if the task needs to be performed or completed hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or annually in the frequency field

      Other fields will appear in the Frequency parameter based on your selection to further identify the frequency and time the task should be performed. Setting the timeframe to Flex means the task is not assigned to a specific time slot, and can be performed at any time on the assigned date.

    7. Enter in any comments, instructions, or helpful suggestions to complete the task in the comments box

      The Outliers section is an optional setting used to designate if there are any parameters you are trying to stay within.  Outliers less than, equal to or greater than can be set, so the desired acceptable range can be monitored.

      If an outlier value is charted for that task, VerifyCare will detect this and notify the user charting the entry that the value charted was outside of the expected range.  The App will also automatically send an alert to the care team via VerifyCare inbox. In the Outlier Recommendations field, enter in any notes or recommendations regarding the outlier, such as what to do in the event a critical outlier is charted. These instructions will appear to the user charting the outlier value so they are aware of what they should do in this event right away.

    8. Tap save in the upper right-hand corner to save the task