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Create a custom Task

    In addition to being able to assign a default task type such as Blood Pressure or Fluid Intake, VerifyCare allows custom tasks to be created.  This gives users ultimate flexibility in tracking anything they would like that is relevant to caring for the selected Care Recipient.

    1. Tap the pencil icon in the bottom right-hand corner 
    2. Tap the chevron icon to open the “Other” category and turn on the toggle next to “Other” 
    3. Select an “Image” for your task

      If no image matches your desired task setup you can chose the generic image which will display three dots as a default image. 

    4. Enter the title of the task in the Task Name field
    5. Select the data type you would like to track when this task is charted on

      All tasks in the “Other” and “Daily Living” categories allow the user to define what type of data will be charted on for the specific task. You can choose from any of the data types from the list such as complete/incomplete, Time, or Percentage. You can even create your own custom list to give a multiple choice option when charting on the task.

      The multiple choice options can be set up to only allow one selection from the list or allow for multiple selections. To create a custom list, choose the desired selection from the Data Type list.

    6. Enter a “tag” if desired 
    7. Tap the drop down in the “Create New” field to use a previously created list, or keep the setting at “Create New” to create a new list 
    8. Tap the pencil icon to create or edit the selected list 
    9. Enter a name for your list in the “List Name” field
    10. Add the items to the list by typing in each element then clicking the plus icon to add it to the list

      Once the elements have been added to the list, you can change the order of their display by tapping an item, then hold and drag it to the desired location.  You can uncheck an element in the Active/Remove column if you temporarily do not want it to show as an option in the list when being charted on, or you can delete a list element all together by tapping on the delete icon.

    11. Tap “Save” in the upper right-hand corner to ensure your changes are saved 
    12. Fill in the rest of the fields for the task setup as seen previously 
    13. Tap “Save” in the upper right-hand corner to save the task 

      Care Recipients can have as many custom tasks in the “Other” category as desired