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Exploring the Summary Report Module

    The Summary Report Module allows you to compile your Care Recipient’s data and records. Customize the report each time it is ran by selecting the desired data elements and time frame to include. Send a copy of the report to someone else, or export the data to another program in just one step.

    How to access the Summary Report Module

      1. Tap “More” on the main navigation bar and
      2. Locate “Summary Report” under the list of modules

      1. Tap on the toggles next to the topics you would like to include in the report 
      2. Tap “Run Report”
      3. Select the date range which you would like to apply
      4. Tap the dropdown under “Filter Order” and choose an alternate display such as Chronological or Reverse Chronological
      5. Tap the “landscape” box to change the display to landscape
      6. Tap “OK” to create a Summary Report

      1. Select the “Export” button in the top right- hand corner
      2. Select which format you would like to send the data as a PDF file or CSV file
      3. You will have various options on how to export the Summary Report depending on your device