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Exploring the Medication Management Module

    The Meds Module allows you to organize all your Care Recipient’s medication and supplement needs. Customizable icons displaying the form, shape, and color adds an extra safeguard to ensure the right medication is administered. Alerts also help guarantee that every medication is taken at its scheduled time. In addition, having quick access to medication information such as potential side effects directly from the app, helps give peace of mind to the entire Care Team.

    How to access the Med Management Module

      1. Select the “Meds” icon on the main navigation bar to be taken to the Medication Management Module

      At the top of the Med Management screen, the orange date bar will display the current date.

      • To view medication on a different date, use the arrow on the left to view the previous day and the arrow on the right to view the following day.
      • To jump on a different day, tap the date bar. A pop-up will appear with a calendar of the current month.
      • To view the previous month, tap the word “Previous“. To view the following month, tap the word “Next“.
      • To view a previous year, tap the current year at the top of the pop-up. Then select the desired year from the scrollable list and tap “OK“. Once you have selected your desired date, tap “OK” at the bottom of the pop-up box.
      • To jump back to the current date, tap the white “T” on the date bar at any time.

      Selecting the Schedule tab will display all of the scheduled medications due on the selected day for the selected care recipient. In the scheduled section, the wheel displays the percentage of medications that have been administered, skipped, or are incomplete. Completed medications are represented in blue, skipped medications are represented in orange and incomplete medications are represented in grey.

      Below the header, you will find all the assigned medications displayed in chronological order of when the medications are due. Medications set to “As Needed” time will be displayed at the bottom, and the hour increment for the current time will default as expanded as these items are “Due Now“. The right side of each row indicates how many records are left outstanding for that time period, how many records are overdue during the time period, or indicates if all meds due during that time period have been completed.

      Overdue meds are indicated with an alert symbol on both the care recipient picture and Meds icon in the main navigation bar for the selected care recipient.

      Selecting the List tab will display all active and inactive medications listed for your Care Recipient.

      1. Tap on the plus icon in the bottom right-hand corner
      2. Type your medication name. A list will appear for suggested names or brands
      3. Fill in the strength and quantity of the medication
      4. Create an icon by tapping on its specific form
      5. Select the shape and color
      6. Select if the medication needs to be given hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or annually in the Frequency field
      7. Selecting the “As Needed” frequency allows you to chart any medication “As Needed” or as a single entry
      8. Enter additional details such as what it’s given for, instructions, ordered by, and pharmacy information
      9. Set a refill reminder by activating the toggle next to it and adding a date and time

      Note: If choosing a medication from the app’s populated list, it may provide suggestions for both strength and appearance based on your selection. These suggestions may aid in the data entry process, but can be manually adjusted as needed.

      For more complex orders, create a custom frequency:

      1. Create a custom frequency by selecting the “Special Pattern” option
      2. Select the number of days for your pattern
      3. Tap on the boxes to highlight the days your medication needs to be taken

        The pattern established will continue to repeat until the medication is set to end or is inactivated.

      4. Select the date to begin the medication
      5. Select the desired date in the End Date field or select ongoing

      For orders given more than once a day, you will have an option for “Number of Doses” in the End field. The VerifyCare app calculates the ending date and time to ensure all the doses are provided.

      1. Tap the “List” button to view both active and inactive medications
      2. Locate the medication you would like to edit
      3. Tap on the chevron icon next to the medication
      4. Make your changes as needed
      5. Tap “Save

      When going in to edit a medication, it will automatically set the “Start Date” to today’s date in order to ensure the med parameters will only change future entries. Past entries for the medication will not be changed. The start date in which you want the edits to take effect can be updated as needed.

      1. Tap the “List” button to view all medications
      2. Locate the medication you would like to view
      3. Tap on the chevron icon to open medication details
      4. Tap the orange Information icon to view when the medication was initially created, by which care team member, and the original details assigned
      5. A preview of the summary of changes will appear
      6. Tap “Back” to return to the medication screen

      Any changes made to the medication will be listed and separated with a line. You can view the summary of changes, or tap the chevron icon to get a full display of the med assignment at that given time. Text displayed in an orange font indicates the changes made to the medication order.

      1. Tap the “List” button to view all your medications
      2. Locate the medication you would like to view
      3. Tap on the chevron icon to open medication details
      4. Tap on the orange Alert icon
      5. This will take you to a web page with medication information provided by MedlinePlus; a service of the National Library of Medicine

      1. Tap the “List” button to view both inactive and active medications
      2. Locate the medication you would like to edit
      3. Turn the “Active” toggle off to inactivate
      4. Tap “Save” in the top right-hand corner

      Medications can be reactivated at any time. From the med list, tap the chevron icon next to the medication you would like to edit. Then tap the “Active” toggle to turn it on. Adjust any medication details as needed and tap “Save” in the top right-hand corner.

      1. Tap the “List” button to view all your medications
      2. Locate and select the chevron icon next to the medication you would like to delete
      3. Tap the “Delete” button at the bottom of the entry
      4. A pop-up will ask you if you would like to delete the medication
      5. Tap “Yes” to confirm or “No” to keep the medication

      Please note, deleting a medication will remove it from the medication list for future assignments, but any entries previously documented on the medication will remain.

      Users who are “Checked In” for the Care Recipient will receive push notification alerts if a medication is due and they are not currently logged into the app. Users can complete the charting for meds directly from the push notification link, or by going directly to the Med Management module.

      If already in the app, they will receive a notification reminding them the Care Recipient has a medication due at this time.

      To chart a Medication from within the Med Management module:

      1. Open the Schedule tab
      2. Locate the timeframe you would like to complete
      3. Tap the chevron icon to display the list of medications due
      4. Locate the medication you would like to mark as administered or skipped
      5. Tap on the box next to the medication icon to mark the medication as administered
      6. A blue check mark will indicate the medication was administered
      7. Tapping on the check icon again will mark this medication as skipped and be indicated with an orange “X” icon
      8. Tap on the chevron icon next to the medication to add in notes for your entry

      1. Locate the medication entry
      2. Tap on the chevron icon next to the medication details
      3. Tap the pencil icon to edit your note
      4. Type in your changes
      5. Tap “Done” to save the note