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How to add a medication

    1. Tap on the plus icon in the bottom right-hand corner
    2. Type your medication name. A list will appear for suggested names or brands
    3. Fill in the strength and quantity of the medication
    4. Create an icon by tapping on its specific form
    5. Select the shape and color
    6. Select if the medication needs to be given hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or annually in the Frequency field
    7. Selecting the “As Needed” frequency allows you to chart any medication “As Needed” or as a single entry
    8. Enter additional details such as what it’s given for, instructions, ordered by, and pharmacy information
    9. Set a refill reminder by activating the toggle next to it and adding a date and time

    Note: If choosing a medication from the app’s populated list, it may provide suggestions for both strength and appearance based on your selection. These suggestions may aid in the data entry process, but can be manually adjusted as needed.

    For more complex orders, create a custom frequency:

    1. Create a custom frequency by selecting the “Special Pattern” option
    2. Select the number of days for your pattern
    3. Tap on the boxes to highlight the days your medication needs to be taken

      The pattern established will continue to repeat until the medication is set to end or is inactivated.

    4. Select the date to begin the medication
    5. Select the desired date in the End Date field or select ongoing

    For orders given more than once a day, you will have an option for “Number of Doses” in the End field. The VerifyCare app calculates the ending date and time to ensure all the doses are provided.