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How to Register your Account

    After downloading and launching the VerifyCare app, you will be taken to the Welcome screen.

    1. Tap the “Get Started” button to begin your registration
    2. Enter in a valid email in the email field
    3. Enter a password of your choice in the password field

      VerifyCare requires an email for allowing multiple device use, protecting your account, account recovery, password resets capabilities, allows for Care Team invites, sending important alerts, and receive newsletters with important app updates. VerifyCare does not share email addresses with any 3rd party entity or persons for any purpose or gain per our privacy policy. The password must be at least 8 characters in length. You may tap the eyeball icon to display the password if desired.

    4. Re-type the password in the confirm password field
    5. Tap the orange “Create Account” button

      You will receive a notice that a verification link was sent to the email you entered.

    6. Navigate to your email provider and locate the email from contact@verifycare.com
    7. Tap the link to verify your email address

      You will be redirected to the VerifyCare website informing you your account has been verified. Once verified, you can Navigate back to VerifyCare and relaunch the app. If the verification notice is still displayed in the App, tap the “Check Verification” button to acknowledge your verification and automatically log in. If the link did not work, you may tap ”Send new link” to resend a verification link to your email. If the verification was successful, you will be prompted to enter in your profile information.

    8. Select who you will be using VerifyCare for

      Myself” means you intend to track only your care needs and VerifyCare will automatically create a Care Recipient profile based off your profile information
      Others” means you intend to track only the care needs of others
      Both” means you intend to track the care needs of others AND yourself.

      You can change your mind at any time and create yourself as a care recipient or other care recipients if desired.

    9. Enter your preferred first name in the first name field
    10. Enter your last name in the last name field
    11. Tap “Continue
    12. Tap the profile picture icon to add an image
    13. Take a new photo or select a photo from your library
    14. Use two fingers to adjust the image as desired
    15. Tap “Choose
    16. Tap “Continue

      VerifyCare will display the first letter of your first name as your profile icon if you do not designate a profile image.

      The unit of measure field is utilized to designate what format you prefer various data elements to be displayed in for your user profile, such as weight, height, and temperature. The App will default to U.S. Customary.

    Depending on your device, you may either have the option for a biometric toggle for Face ID or Fingerprint.  Only one account per device can enable this setting, so if you do not see this as an option, it would mean there is another VerifyCare User profile tied to the biometrics of the device. 

    1. Turn on the biometric toggle
    2. Re-enter the password tied to your account to verify this setting belongs to you
    3. Tap “OK
    4. Relaunch the App and log in by either entering your password or tapping the biometric login icon

    VerifyCare also offers a dark mode option of the app to display darker colors. You can revert back to the regular display at any time by turning the toggle off.

    1. Turn the Dark Mode toggle “on”
    2. Tap “OK

    This App may contain sensitive medical information. The Auto Log Off Feature will automatically log out of your account after one hour of inactivity for security purposes, but you may disable this feature by turning this toggle off. This will keep you logged in until you manually log out of VerifyCare.

    1. Turn the Auto Log Off toggle “off”
    2. Tap “OK

    Lastly, please select how you heard about VerifyCare.

    Word of Mouth” means you heard about VerifyCare from an individual in your life.
    Email Invite” means you were invited to be a part of a Care Recipient’s Care Team and download the app through an email invitation.
    Web Search” means you found VerifyCare through a search engine such as Google.
    Facebook” means you found VerifyCare through an ad or post on Facebook.
    YouTube” means you found VerifyCare through an ad or video on YouTube.
    Instagram” means you found VerifyCare through an ad or post on Instagram.
    LinkedIn” means you found VerifyCare through an ad or post on LinkedIn.
    Pinterest” means you found VerifyCare through an ad or pin on Pinterest.
    Blog” means you found VerifyCare featured on another site’s blog.
    TV Commercial” means you saw a VerifyCare commercial on broadcast television.

    You will be notified your profile setup is complete. If you selected you will be using VerifyCare for “Others” or “Both“, your next step will be creating your first Care Recipient.