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How to log into VerifyCare

    You will be logged out of VerifyCare after 1 hour of inactivity. After relaunching VerifyCare, you will be taken to the Welcome screen.

    1. Tap the “Log In” button to sign in
    2. Enter the verified email address registered to the account in the email field
    3. Check the box “Remember Me” if you would like VerifyCare to autofill your email address upon every launch 
    4. Tap the chevron next to the email field to select your email address from the list of accounts if the device is used for multiple VerifyCare accounts

      VerifyCare does not autofill the password for any account upon launching the app.

    5. Enter your password connected to your account in the password field or utilize the biometric login icon if enabled
    6. Tap the orange “Sign In” button to sign in