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How to add your first Care Recipient

    After registering your account, you will be prompted to add your first Care Recipient. A Care Recipient is the individual you will be tracking information on. This may be yourself, a child, a parent, or even a pet. Any individual in which care needs will be tracked can be entered as a Care Recipient.

    1. Enter the first name of your Care Recipient in the first name field
    2. Enter the last name in the last name field
    3. Tap “Continue
    4. Tap the profile picture icon to add a profile image for the designated Care Recipient
    5. Tap “Continue

      VerifyCare will display the first letter of the recipients first name as their profile icon if you do not designate a profile image.

    6. Enter an email address for your Care Recipient in the email field or leave this field blank
    7. Select which members you would like to track in the location tracking field

      Location tracking in VerifyCare is utilized to track a care team member’s location when they check in or check out for a Care Recipient.

      None” will not track location on any care team members.
      Paid Members” will only track location on care team members that have a wage set up in their member profile.
      All Members” will track location on all care team members.

    8. Tap “OK” after making your selection
    9. Tap “Continue
    10. Select your relationship you have to the Care Recipient
    11. Tap “OK” after making your selection
    12. Tap “Continue
    13. Select what type of notifications you would like to receive

      Inbox Alerts” Keep inbox alerts checked if you would like the team member to receive alert notifications within the VerifyCare inbox module. Alerts may include when a medication or task is skipped, data outside the expected data range is charted, if another user joined or left the Care Team, and other important notices to keep the Care Team member informed.
      Notifications” Keep notifications checked if you would like the team member to receive push notifications on their device when checked in for the care recipient.

    14. Tap “Continue” once you have made your selection
    15. Enter the designated wage if you are expected to receive compensation for the care provided for the care recipient or leave these fields blank
    16. Tap “Continue” when finished

      You will be notified your first Care Recipient is successfully created. As the creator, you will automatically be listed as the Account Manager and as an Administrator for the Care Recipient. You may add a Team Member at this time if desired by tapping “Yes, add a Team Member” or tap “Not at this time” to add Team Members at a later time. Please watch the “The Care Team” tutorial video for more instructions on adding to the care team.