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How to make a Team Member inactive

    A Team Member has the ability to make their own profile inactive under the selected Care Recipient. Administrators have the ability to inactivate their own profile, as well as any care team member with the Team Member status. Account Managers have the ability to make any user inactive under the selected Care Recipient.

    1. Locate the Care Recipient the care team member you want to make inactive is a Team Member of
    2. Scroll to the list of care team members
    3. Locate the Team Member you would like to mark as inactive
    4. Tapping on the Team Member will bring up a pop-up where you can edit the care team member.
    5. Select inactive in the status field
    6. Tap “OK
    7. Tap “OK” once more to make the care team member inactive

    Please note: if an individual is a part of multiple care teams, inactivating them under one Care Recipient will NOT inactivate them under all Care Recipients.