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How to invite a Care Team Member

    1. Locate the Care Recipient whose team you would like them to join
    2. Tap the plus icon in the bottom right-hand corner
    3. Enter in the name of the person you are inviting in the First and Last Name fields
    4. The email address you enter in the email field is where the invitation will be sent to download the app.
    5. Select whether this person will be a Team Member or an Administrator once they join the team in the status field.
    6. Select the relation this person has to the Care Recipient under the role field
    7. Choose if you would like this person to receive notifications via the VerifyCare inbox, through their device’s push notifications, or both in the communication section

      We recommend keeping both boxes checked to ensure the care team member is properly alerted. If the care team member will be compensated for paid events, enter the wage amount and rate in the wages field. This calculation will connect to the wages module.