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How to delete a Team Member

    Deleting a care team member, is essentially the same thing as inactivating them from the care team.  Once deleted, they will no longer have access to the Care Recipient’s account.  The only difference is by deleting the care team member their member profile will no longer be available for viewing or reactivation.  Once deleted, the only way for the team member to become part of the care team again would be through a brand-new invite. 

    1. Locate the Care Recipient they are a team member of
    2. Scroll to the list of care team members
    3. Locate the team member you would like to delete
    4. Hold down on the care team members name and slide to the left to reveal the orange delete button
    5. A pop-up will appear confirming you would like to complete this action
    6. Tap “Yes” to delete the care team member or tap “No” to keep the care team member 

    Note: Even though inactive or deleted care team members no longer have access to the Care Recipient account, any data they had charted while they were active will remain.