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How to create a Calendar Event

    1. Tap the plus icon in the bottom right-hand corner
    2. Enter the name of the event in the title field
    3. Select the participants who will be involved in the event
    4. Tap to include other participants as needed
    5. Use the “All Day” toggle to bypass entering a start and end time
    6. Use the “Paid event” toggle if care team members participating in the event are to be compensated for their time
    7. If the event is not an all-day event, enter the event start and end time
    8. If you are creating a reoccurring event, establish the frequency settings in the Repeat field.

      If desired, link a location to the event by tapping the location field.

    9. Search for a location using a business name or partial address.
    10. Tap the “search” button to perform the search.
    11. Tap the pin on the map to confirm your selection.
    12. Verify the address under the “Selected Location” field and enter a name for the location if not already populated.

      All locations previously used can be found in the past locations field.

    13. Tap the chevron icon to bring up a list of your past locations or enter the name of the location in the text box for quick access
    14. Tap “Save” in the upper right-hand corner once you have entered a new location or selected a past location
    15. Tap the “Show on Maps” shortcut to quickly pull up that location within the navigation app on their device
    16. Select the timeframe prior to the event you would like the reminders to trigger if reminders are desired
    17. Enter in any notes or instructions in the Notes field
    18. Tap “Save” in the upper right-hand corner to ensure your changes are saved

      Once a calendar event is successfully created, colored dots indicating which care team members are involved with the event will appear on the days the event occurs. Below the calendar is a summary list of the events. 

    1. Tap the blue arrow icon below the calendar to expand the summary of events viewing area
    2. Tap the blue arrow icon again to return to the original calendar display