VerifyCare – The Caregiving App


Manage multiple tasks and keep a record of your Care Recipients’ vitals and general wellbeing.

Med management

Stay on track of all your Care Recipients’ medication and supplement needs. 

Calendar & scheduling

Use the Calendar to help manage schedules of all those involved in your Care Recipients’ wellbeing.

Analyze Module
Chart & analyze Data

Chart and compare all your Care Recipients’ records of Tasks and Medication Management entries.

Stand out in the caregiving community by offering VerifyCare as a part of your service.

Keep a detailed record of your client’s care and easily share their profile with family members to keep them updated. 

Simplify Care

Create profiles for your Care Recipients and invite your client’s family members to be a part of the Care Team. You can give families peace of mind knowing their loved one is in good hands. Communicate with family members through messaging, calendar, notifications, and more!

Customize Your Care

Customize how you manage your Care Recipients’ health. VerifyCare offers various modules so you can organize the care that best fits their needs. Get an overview of your day, including tasks, medication, calendar events, and more all on your VerifyCare home screen.

Take control over your care

Take control over your care

Customize and organize all your Care Recipients' records in one app. Track important details such as your Care Recipients' blood pressure or weight over time.

VerifyCare mobile app
The assurance you deserve

The assurance you deserve

Manage all aspects of care in one app. The VerifyCare app makes it easy to maintain prescriptions and supplements with reminders. Receive alerts when medications are missed.

Medication Management with VerifyCare
Simplify Care

Simplify Care

As a caregiver, you can create profiles for your Care Recipients and invite other care team members to assist you with providing care. Simplify care by coordinating with other Care Team members through messaging, calendar, notifications, and more!

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The assurance you deserve

With a support tool like VerifyCare, managing care has never been easier!

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